“In our hiring, Watts Capital focuses on the character of the individual.”


Watts Capital seeks qualified individuals to join our team in a number of capacities. We work with each team member to establish a personal business plan, and then we coach them to achieve the weekly, monthly and annual goals in the plan. The company offers firm-wide training and the opportunity to earn a Wealth Management Leadership Certificate through its weekly Watts Leadership Academy. The company also encourages team members to seek out and reimburses certain costs for additional education and certifications, especially the CFP® certification.

Key characteristics of candidates who join the Watts Capital team include smart, kind, team-oriented and commitment to Watts Capital's core values.

Our Core Values provide the foundation for our firm’s culture.


We honor the trust that our clients place in us.  Our adherence to moral and ethical principles is our first priority.


We strive for cultural competence and professional excellence.  We base our business on rigorous self-awareness and improvement.


We value individual differences and promote a company culture that embraces diversity and inclusivity.



We encourage balanced lives that encompass physical, social, intellectual, emotional, occupational and spiritual health.


We measure our achievement through the quality of our service to to our clients, fellow employees, and communities.